söndag 10 juli 2011

Adult at last!

Guess what! For the last week I've been a proud owner of a drivers licens! Where I live, you can take the driving test when you're 18, so it's kinda an adult-marker. Now I only have to get my own place to live, a car and a career and I'm as set as glue.
Congratulations to me!

Anyway, back to real life. My band is playing at a wedding the 30th of July and I thought you might have a few suggestions on what to play, since we're aiming for something out of the ordinary. So far we've (or should I say I've) come up with:

Paul Gilbert – Six Billion People
the Cure – Friday I’m in love
Paul Gilbert – 2 become 1
Huey Lewis & the News – Power of Love
Van Halen – Can’t stop loving You
the Beatles – Here comes the Sun
Norah Jones – Come away with me
Grease – Summer Nights
Abba – Dancing Queen
Rick Ashley – Never gonna give you up
Stevie Wonder – You are the sunshine of my life (background jam session)
Alphaville – Forever Young
A-Ha – Take on me
Dire Straits – Brothers in arms (instrumental)
Babran – Strunta i tjejerna
Bob Hund – Lilla Molntuss
Bo Kaspers Orkester – Kyss mig

Since it's the singers parents who are getting married, we thought we'd play atleast one Grease song, because our singer had the lead part in Grease when we ran it.
I thought we could play Black Magic Woman as well, because the couple getting married wanted some salsa-ish to dance to. They also wanted som 70s-80s music, since that's when they met.

Any suggestions?