måndag 16 maj 2011


Hello again!

Today we had our first real rehearsal for the musical. The first with scenes, singers and actors, I mean. After the run-through we relocated to the theater where we'll have our premier. Instantly I fell in love... With the soundtechnician's microphone rack... Anyhow! We've started rigging everything up and tomorrow morning we'll soundcheck and start the second run-through.

Yesterday (which isn't today, btw) I finished my english-essay about the developement and heritage of rock and it's impact on contemporary society and I also finished my analysis on Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Hope that'll do for now.

One thing that struck me today was the fact that many of our singers actually sing VERY good! Especially the one playing Sandy. She's a very talented jazz-singer.
On the other hand, the guy playing Danny, a good friend of mine, isn't as good... He's rather a diva and quite selfabsorbed. Any good tips to get his feet on the earth again?

So, how was your day?

lördag 14 maj 2011

New gear

Hey guys! Have you heard about the new Orange amp, Dark Terror? It's like the Tiny Terror, but with FX-loop and more gain. I must say, if I had that kind of money, I'd probably get it, fits me like a glove! Guess I'll continue playing my Laney GH 50L until I can get another amp. But the Laney is more versatile, I guess! I can get those sweet jingly bluesy cleans from it, but with an overdrive in front it really roars!

This little sucker is 7/15 watts, with 2 El34s and 3 ECC83s. You have to love Orange sometimes...

fredag 13 maj 2011

So... My blog disappeared...

Yeah, I bet that's life. Nevertheless, I shall prevail!

Next week is musical-week for me! As I said in my last post on the blog that was removed I have the lead guitar part in my schools musical (this year it's Grease) and next week we're working on it from 9am to 8pm every day... no breaks, no lunches... maybe i'll drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Again...

So, everyone, I'm accually quite exited to be playing this musical, even though the music sucks. And tomorrow is choire-concert-day, and so is sunday. I sing in two choires atthe moment, one at school and another church-choire, for men only. We're accually quite good, if I dare to say so myself.

Anyone interested in hearing a recording from a concert my band had? It was just a small concert at a local club, but nevertheless, we pulled an awesome audience of about 10 people!