torsdag 4 augusti 2011

Work work...

Just like the little peon in Warcraft 3 I'm working now. In a couple of weeks I'm starting at the university and I need all the money I can get, since I have to buy books and everyone need money to live. So I'm working at an x-ray clinic in a nearby town and that's pretty neat.

I'm also going to Macedonia for a choir-festival with the choir I just joined and that's pretty awesome too. As my main goal is to study engineering physics, I've started reading up on programming and advanced maths and so far I've started woth C++ and Java. Anyone have any hints on good books?

That's about it, really. My life isn't that interesting to begin with, so I won't bore you with anything else, hehe.

söndag 10 juli 2011

Adult at last!

Guess what! For the last week I've been a proud owner of a drivers licens! Where I live, you can take the driving test when you're 18, so it's kinda an adult-marker. Now I only have to get my own place to live, a car and a career and I'm as set as glue.
Congratulations to me!

Anyway, back to real life. My band is playing at a wedding the 30th of July and I thought you might have a few suggestions on what to play, since we're aiming for something out of the ordinary. So far we've (or should I say I've) come up with:

Paul Gilbert – Six Billion People
the Cure – Friday I’m in love
Paul Gilbert – 2 become 1
Huey Lewis & the News – Power of Love
Van Halen – Can’t stop loving You
the Beatles – Here comes the Sun
Norah Jones – Come away with me
Grease – Summer Nights
Abba – Dancing Queen
Rick Ashley – Never gonna give you up
Stevie Wonder – You are the sunshine of my life (background jam session)
Alphaville – Forever Young
A-Ha – Take on me
Dire Straits – Brothers in arms (instrumental)
Babran – Strunta i tjejerna
Bob Hund – Lilla Molntuss
Bo Kaspers Orkester – Kyss mig

Since it's the singers parents who are getting married, we thought we'd play atleast one Grease song, because our singer had the lead part in Grease when we ran it.
I thought we could play Black Magic Woman as well, because the couple getting married wanted some salsa-ish to dance to. They also wanted som 70s-80s music, since that's when they met.

Any suggestions?

lördag 25 juni 2011

UKM and summer!

Hello everyone!

For the last week, I've been busy with "touring" with my band. We've been to the northern-most parts of Sweden, attending and playing on a festival called UKM, Ung Kultur Möts, which translates to Young Culture Gathers. Along with some 60 bands and 25-30 painters/photographers/sculpturers we've presented our material and played an awesome show! We had the honor of ending the festival, kicking several asses and blowing the minds of most of the audience. I was really surprised by the high level of skill all the bands and artists possessed. At the festival, we (the band) visited a couple of workshops and played on the open stage, just jamming along with some of the similar acts. At the workshops we learned knitting (yes, I know, AWESOME!) and building instruments from heaps of junk. We actually made the newspaper with our instruments! Our bassist was also interviewed for a radio show! Ah, the promotion we got...

The theme of the festival was hugs and since the name of my band is Kram! (which translates to hug!) we had a huge group of promoters known as the "Kram-Crew"! Just before we were to go on stage, the Kram-Crew wanted to play a movie as an ending to the festival, but the soundtechnician said he wanted to end with the most energetic band on the festival, so we got the movie, which was about the hugging on the festivail, as a sort of intro-movie, just before us playing. Talk about luck!

Anyhow, I had an awesome time there and I've just started getting back into shape energy-wise.

As for the summer, I'll try to put some more effort into my blogging, aswell as watching star trek: voyager for the 3rd time. Oh! I'll also start to actually practise playing the guitar for once, not just fooling around...

Have a great day!

tisdag 7 juni 2011

Long time, no see

Hey guys!

You can't imagine how stressful my last week has been. I've had reports due to nearly every day, and beeing me means I have to start the very same night...

But tomorrow is graduation day! I'll start off with a guitar lesson and then champagne breakfast in the park, followed by a brunch at my chemistry teachers house (nothing creepy, everyone that graduates from our school is invited). After brunch, we're going back to school to be entertained by acts performed by the other students at LeL. Then to the boring stuff... We'll sit and listen to our new (fourth one in three years) principal telling us we have to be responsible adults... Then! We'll run outside and sing the traditional graduation song, followed by a ride on the back of a truck around town, shouting and singing.

That's pretty much what I'm looking forward to.
How do you celebrate graduation where you are from?

I have some bad news too. Since my band was good enough, we progressed from region finals to national finals (yay, I know)in a youth music and arts competition. Since we're going to play for a couple of days this summer, we have to travel to the city were we're going to play. This trip collides with a festival me and the singer were going to, so we have to sell our tickets and make other arrangements. Metaltown, as the festival is called, is a metal festival spanning over two days, with artists such as System of a Down, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Arch Enemy and so on and so forth. Needless to say; I wanted to go there really bad, but now I have to play at another festival...

I'm pretty much equal in happiness/sadness now.

On another note: We had a weekend of band practise this weekend and we wrote a couple of new songs, so that's awesome, since we don't write very much music.

Any favourite songs of yours that I should listen to?

måndag 16 maj 2011


Hello again!

Today we had our first real rehearsal for the musical. The first with scenes, singers and actors, I mean. After the run-through we relocated to the theater where we'll have our premier. Instantly I fell in love... With the soundtechnician's microphone rack... Anyhow! We've started rigging everything up and tomorrow morning we'll soundcheck and start the second run-through.

Yesterday (which isn't today, btw) I finished my english-essay about the developement and heritage of rock and it's impact on contemporary society and I also finished my analysis on Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Hope that'll do for now.

One thing that struck me today was the fact that many of our singers actually sing VERY good! Especially the one playing Sandy. She's a very talented jazz-singer.
On the other hand, the guy playing Danny, a good friend of mine, isn't as good... He's rather a diva and quite selfabsorbed. Any good tips to get his feet on the earth again?

So, how was your day?

lördag 14 maj 2011

New gear

Hey guys! Have you heard about the new Orange amp, Dark Terror? It's like the Tiny Terror, but with FX-loop and more gain. I must say, if I had that kind of money, I'd probably get it, fits me like a glove! Guess I'll continue playing my Laney GH 50L until I can get another amp. But the Laney is more versatile, I guess! I can get those sweet jingly bluesy cleans from it, but with an overdrive in front it really roars!

This little sucker is 7/15 watts, with 2 El34s and 3 ECC83s. You have to love Orange sometimes...

fredag 13 maj 2011

So... My blog disappeared...

Yeah, I bet that's life. Nevertheless, I shall prevail!

Next week is musical-week for me! As I said in my last post on the blog that was removed I have the lead guitar part in my schools musical (this year it's Grease) and next week we're working on it from 9am to 8pm every day... no breaks, no lunches... maybe i'll drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Again...

So, everyone, I'm accually quite exited to be playing this musical, even though the music sucks. And tomorrow is choire-concert-day, and so is sunday. I sing in two choires atthe moment, one at school and another church-choire, for men only. We're accually quite good, if I dare to say so myself.

Anyone interested in hearing a recording from a concert my band had? It was just a small concert at a local club, but nevertheless, we pulled an awesome audience of about 10 people!