tisdag 7 juni 2011

Long time, no see

Hey guys!

You can't imagine how stressful my last week has been. I've had reports due to nearly every day, and beeing me means I have to start the very same night...

But tomorrow is graduation day! I'll start off with a guitar lesson and then champagne breakfast in the park, followed by a brunch at my chemistry teachers house (nothing creepy, everyone that graduates from our school is invited). After brunch, we're going back to school to be entertained by acts performed by the other students at LeL. Then to the boring stuff... We'll sit and listen to our new (fourth one in three years) principal telling us we have to be responsible adults... Then! We'll run outside and sing the traditional graduation song, followed by a ride on the back of a truck around town, shouting and singing.

That's pretty much what I'm looking forward to.
How do you celebrate graduation where you are from?

I have some bad news too. Since my band was good enough, we progressed from region finals to national finals (yay, I know)in a youth music and arts competition. Since we're going to play for a couple of days this summer, we have to travel to the city were we're going to play. This trip collides with a festival me and the singer were going to, so we have to sell our tickets and make other arrangements. Metaltown, as the festival is called, is a metal festival spanning over two days, with artists such as System of a Down, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Arch Enemy and so on and so forth. Needless to say; I wanted to go there really bad, but now I have to play at another festival...

I'm pretty much equal in happiness/sadness now.

On another note: We had a weekend of band practise this weekend and we wrote a couple of new songs, so that's awesome, since we don't write very much music.

Any favourite songs of yours that I should listen to?

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  1. Damn decent of your Chemistry teacher to invite everyone like that.