lördag 25 juni 2011

UKM and summer!

Hello everyone!

For the last week, I've been busy with "touring" with my band. We've been to the northern-most parts of Sweden, attending and playing on a festival called UKM, Ung Kultur Möts, which translates to Young Culture Gathers. Along with some 60 bands and 25-30 painters/photographers/sculpturers we've presented our material and played an awesome show! We had the honor of ending the festival, kicking several asses and blowing the minds of most of the audience. I was really surprised by the high level of skill all the bands and artists possessed. At the festival, we (the band) visited a couple of workshops and played on the open stage, just jamming along with some of the similar acts. At the workshops we learned knitting (yes, I know, AWESOME!) and building instruments from heaps of junk. We actually made the newspaper with our instruments! Our bassist was also interviewed for a radio show! Ah, the promotion we got...

The theme of the festival was hugs and since the name of my band is Kram! (which translates to hug!) we had a huge group of promoters known as the "Kram-Crew"! Just before we were to go on stage, the Kram-Crew wanted to play a movie as an ending to the festival, but the soundtechnician said he wanted to end with the most energetic band on the festival, so we got the movie, which was about the hugging on the festivail, as a sort of intro-movie, just before us playing. Talk about luck!

Anyhow, I had an awesome time there and I've just started getting back into shape energy-wise.

As for the summer, I'll try to put some more effort into my blogging, aswell as watching star trek: voyager for the 3rd time. Oh! I'll also start to actually practise playing the guitar for once, not just fooling around...

Have a great day!

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  1. Sounds like things went quite well for you.

  2. good luck with your band!

  3. good luck with your band and all

  4. nicee touring with your band seems like fun. wish i lived in Sweden just to see this festival

  5. I hope you and your band do well, hope the future brings you good stuff.

  6. Nice post, I like your blog!

  7. Nice to know how you are doing!